jarbie appreciation week - day 1 favourite episode
2x5 “Reconciliation”

jarbie appreciation week - day 1 favourite episode

2x5 “Reconciliation”

So, if someone has to die, then let it be me. Just please, don’t take any more of them.


                                              I love you and I don’t see any way to get you out of my heart


I wasn’t a good man back then. I know that. But the dome has shown me things, a new way to be. I can prove to you that I’ve changed.

None of us know why we’re trapped in this fish bowl. You need to deal. 


What are you doing, son?

I’m not your son anymore.

Have you found some new news about if under the dome will get renewed for a third season? I just cant fin anything and I lose hope even if they say it is likely for a renewal.

Hello! Still nothing, sadly… We are also anxious about this! If we find out something we’ll keep you posted and it’ll be all over the internet. Hopefully our favourite TV show will get renewed for a third season!


Jarbie » Through the seasons  1&2

-We met because of the Dome and we never really talked about you and me out in the world.
-Julia. I want you in my life, whether we end up in Zenith or wherever. That's a promise that I can keep.

Under the Dome S02E13 "Go Now" [SEASON FINALE]